Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boppy Pillow Cover

Every mommy I know has a boppy pillow and finds it super useful, especially during feeding and tummy time. Just like any other pillow, the cover should be changed frequently. Boppy pillow covers can range from $10-$50 each. As with all "baby" item, there is a huge mark-up. So I decided to make a few of my own to cut down on the expense. Not to mention, I can make them using my desired fabrics and patterns.

Approx. 1 yard fabric (or 1/2 yard of two coordinating fabrics)
24'' hidden zipper
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine
Cutting Mat/Scissors/Seam Ripper
Fabric Pencil (optional)

Tip: prepare your pattern before having fabric cut. This way you can lay the pattern out while fabric is being cut to avoid over purchasing. I'm always guilty of buying too much fabric and this tip helped me a lot.

Prepare the Pattern

Step 1: Ignore directions on pattern and print only one copy. Cut out pieces and tape together. The grey sections are meant to be a guide, but should be removed. There should be no grey showing once the pattern is complete. 

Cutting out Pieces

Step 2: Using your front fabric, fold it in half with pretty sides facing each other. Pin the pattern to the fabric, aligning the straight edge along the folded edge. Cut around the pattern, EXCEPT along the straight edge where the folded edge is present.

Steps 3: Repeat step 2 using the back fabric. 

Assembling the Boppy Pillow Cover

Step 4: With front and back fabric still folded, locate the center of each along the top of the folded seam. Mark each with pin.

Step 5: Unfold front and back pieces and align pieces with pretty sides facing each other. Make sure center pins are in line. Join pieces at center point with a pin.

Step 6: Starting at the center pin, measure along the top curve 12'' in both directions. Mark measurements with a unique pin or using a fabric pencil. This will be your "Zipper Zone". Add additional pins along top curve to secure.

Step 7: Beginning two inches to the left of your zipper zone, straight stitch using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. When you arrive at the beginning of your zipper zone (as marked by your unique pin or pencil marking), back stitch to lock, then switch machine to a basting stitch and continue sewing until you reach the end of your zipper zone. When you reach the end of your zipper zone, switch machine back to straight stitch, sew a few stitches, back stitch to lock, then continue sewing two inches beyond the zipper zone. 

Note: The pattern shows a 1/4 seam allowance, but I prefer a tighter fit. I was able to achieve this using a 1/2 seam allowance throughout. 

Step 8: Press seam open.

Step 9: Now align the zipper teeth directly over the basting seam, and pin to the raw edges of the seam allowance (flaps) ONLY. 

Step 10: With your zipper foot, sew along the zipper as close to the teeth as possible, making sure not to sew over teeth themselves. 

Step 11: Press seam closed and using a straight stitch, sew from the raw edges of the seam allowance toward the basting stitches along each end of the zipper. 

Step 12: Flip cover right side out and using a seam ripper, remove the basting stitches to expose zipper. 

Step 13: Test zipper and LEAVE OPEN at least half way. This step is important otherwise you wont be able to flip open your bobby cover once completed.

Step 14: Realign pieces, with pretty sides facing each other. Add pins around all un-sewn edges.

Step 15: Beginning 2'' to the right of your zipper zone (where you stopped your straight stitch), straight stitch using a 1/2 inch seam allowance around the cover until you reach the 2'' area to the left of your zipper zone (where you originally started).

Step 16: Locate opening in zipper and turn cover right-side-out. 

Step 17: Press around edges of boppy pillow cover and slip over bobby pillow. Pin It


  1. Maybe I over looked it but, where is the link to print the pattern?

    1. Hi Elizabeth -

      Under the supplies list, the word "pattern" is a hyperlink to the pattern. If you have trouble opening it let me know and I'll send you it in and email PDF file. Happy sewing!

      Gwen -

  2. I tried to print the pattern from the link, but Scribed keeps asking me to pay to download it.Very frustrating especially as it says I can sign up for a free account. I would love the PDF, how do I get my email address to you without displaying it to everyone who reads your page?

  3. hi! Can you please e-mail the PDF file to me? My e-mail address is!

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  5. I just made a 2 sided boppy cover with your instructions and it turned out perfect. Thank you so much for posting this. The other patterns I found had that weird zipper across the front and I didn't like that for baby's head to rest on. This was perfect!

    1. I'm so glad you found this tutorial to be helpful.