Saturday, December 1, 2012

Announcing Little Blip...

Keith and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our first child. One night Keith was making the ever-so-frequent trip to Chipotle for tacos. Yum!!! On a whim I decided to take a pregnancy test. After I waited the recommended 3 minutes, I picked up the stick to find a dark pink line and a faint pink line... What the hell does that mean? A few days earlier, I had taken a test and received the same result - so I figured the tests were duds. In that moment I wished we had sprung the extra two bucks for the tests that spelled out "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant". Before going to the store and purchasing a different brand of tests, I decided to read the instructions on the insert (you know the ones they recommend you read before taking the test in the first place). Well low and behold, a secondary faint pink line is common and it means PREGNANT! If only I had read that insert a few days ago I would have known sooner. 

Alone at home, I screamed for my dog Sophie to come up stairs and we danced around the bedroom together. I didn't want to tell Keith over the phone, so I decided to wait till he got home and tell him in a more personal way. I needed to think of the prefect way to tell him, and it needed to take less than 5 minutes to prepare because he was en route home. I'm not to proud to admit that I asked my dog for advice (which I do often). Per usual, she offered very little in the way of advice and just looked at me dumbfounded. Then it dawned on me, Sophie should tell him. 

Anyone who knows us, can vouch that Sophie is the center of our universe. It seemed only fitting that our four-legged baby share the news. Even though Sophie can talk (again - anyone who knows us can vouch) I thought it would be better to write it out for her, plus it made for a pretty cute picture. I grabbed the first piece of scrapbook paper I could find and printed "I'm going to be a big sister! Mommy's Pregnant!" and tied it around her neck with some twine rope. I then waited on the landing of our second floor till I heard Keith come home. Sophie of course went down to greet him. Then I hear "Sophie what do you have around your neck?".

We hope that you will continue to read this blog. We plan to share our thoughts and pictures along the way, until we can all meet little blip.
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